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Adsense Secrets - Earn More with Adsense

I guess you are reading this post because you want to know how to make the most money from Google adsense.. Well, The truth of the matter is, you will only earn more money by getting more visitors. Ultimately adsense earnings go up in direct relation to the amount of visitors you get, Makes sense don't it? While this is true for the most part, Small tweaks to your adsense positioning and color scheme can increase your CTR by a few percent, And if you have a lot of visitors that few percent can add up for a few extra dollars a day.

Different people will have their own opinion and experience on adsense positioning and color scheme based on results they have seen on their website, Obviously different websites will perform differently. I will tell you my experience with adsense positioning and colors schemes.
The cooler scheme on adsense should look very similar to the rest of the color scheme, especially the title, It should be a few shades off of your regular text link. This gives your visitors the impression that the adverts are a part of the site, While still being different enough to catch their eye. The text in the adsense block should be black, Or whatever color your main text is on the website and the URL should be the same color as the title, But a few shades lighter.
It helps also if you make the border and background on your adsense block the same color as the background of your page. You don't want your visitors to see the border or background.

Now we move onto the position of your adsense. A rule of thumb is to put your adsense as close too the center of the page as possible, Studies have shown that after a visitor has had a look at your logo, they will then look directly at the middle of the page, So putting an adblock here is useful, Though not always possible. Other optimal positions are just above your main content, Or just after your main content. When a user has finished reading an article they will often think "what can I do now?", So if you provide them with something to do, Like click your adsense, They will be likely to oblige.

You should test out colors and positioning on your site, Set up adsense channels to monitor what adverts are performing, what color schemes perform and what position is best. In no time you will be able to have a pretty good idea about what works on your site.

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