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Digg Finally Gets A [PIC] Section

Tuesday, December 04, 2007
After months and month of asking the digg community have finally got what they wanted. A pic section for them to put their funny little lolcats.

When one goes to submit a story now they are offered a selection of either "news story", "video" or "image".

When the image is submitted the image is then displayed on the digg page.

But is it legal?

While this may seem like a good idea i wonder if digg have thought about the legal implications of this. If the image submitted belongs to someone else digg has no right to copy that image and display it on their site. I am assuming digg doesn't track down the owners of each image and ask their permission before copying the image and displaying it on digg.

Digg should expect to recieve a lot of angry emails from people (especially flickrers) not wanting their images to be copied and displayed on someone elses site without permission.

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